Lake Transfer Productions

Music Production - Recording & Live

I use professional equipment including a MAC based DAW - Pro Tools 12, a vintage mixing board Yamaha O2R, high end mics like the AKG 414, Avalon pre-amps, vintage DBX 160's and am capable of renting anything you need from audio rental house within 5 miles of our location.

On the live side we have a small but effective P.A. system that includes several 15" Horn loaded speakers and monitors, JVC 18" sub woofer, 24 channel mixer and good selection of both dynamic and condensor mics.  If you need more, I have the ability to rent for you and have competent and reliable engineers and producers.  This includes rental of power sources that do not use gas or propane, especially in city permits that do not allow fuel generators.(Like Santa Monica where we had a full P.A. on the beach, 25" from the Pacific Ocean.