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To the right:



To the right: a client and good friend Bernie K, who's group

Sound Barrier performed cutting edge hard rock in the 90's. They had an esteemed place at MCA Records, A&M Records and later Metal Blade.
If you've made it to this page, you may already be thinking about booking some time to record, mix or master your next project. Don't be shy, call me (818) 508-7158 or leave your information on the Contact Page.

For beginner songwriters and pro artists,  I have composed hundreds of music pieces. I've also performed services for Disney Channel, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, Netflix, Telemundo, Sony, Universal, Warners and Expansion Records in the UK. This means I can also help you get up to speed and create a competitive, broadcast quality recording presentation, radio, television, film, streaming, social media including Spotify, You Tube and other DSP platforms.

Below is another friend and client James Holvay whose silky smooth R&B, Curtis Mayfield influenced songs were recorded exclusively by us.