Our song demo service is provided locally (and online) at Lake Transfer Recording Studios, located in North Hollywood, CA.  Lake Transfer Studios opened in 1989 and is owned and operated by Steven Barry Cohen.
Steven has produced thousands of CD projects, song demos and recordings since 1989 for local, regional and international acts.  He has composed countless music pieces for recording artists, labels, publishers, lyricists, rappers, filmmakers, Disney Channel, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, Netflix and many others.

Lake Transfer Demos works in all music genres.  We have produced thousands of Country, Rock, Metal, Pop, Christian/Gospel, Adult Contemporary and Urban/Rap tracks and songs.  We have a vast talent pool of vocalists and musicians within the Los Angeles area to pull from when a specific need arises for a recording. 

We want you to come back each time you write a new song and we know the only way that will happen is to treat you and your songs right the first time.  Thanks for checking out our site!

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